Men's National Championship
#1 Connecticut 75
#1 Purdue 60

33.1% picked the winner of this game
53 of 63 correct in best of 119545 brackets
Women's National Championship
#1 South Carolina 87
#1 Iowa 75

33.8% picked the winner of this game
57 of 63 correct in best of 3568 brackets

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Managing your college basketball tournament bracket contest has never been easier.

Create a group online for your friends to join and enter their college basketball tournament brackets.

After you create your group, invite your friends to:
where "mygroup" is a name of your choosing.

Then your friends can enter their brackets and standings will be automatically generated online. There's no software to install, no ads anywhere, and we'll never send spam to you or your group members.



Make your own jersey Customize your group's settings and set up your bracket scoring system and tiebreakers any way you want.

Change the look and feel of your PickHoops page, down to the color, name, number, and font of your jersey. Then talk trash with your group on the message boards and create instant voting polls.


NCAA bracket Each group member enters their bracket using PickHoops's state-of-the-art entry forms. Then, as tournament results come in, PickHoops will automatically update your group's stats and standings.

Choose your picks yourself or try the Quick Pick; one click and picks are generated by the computer. Don't like your bracket? Reload and try again until you have the perfect picks.


College basketball standings In addition to all the standings, statistics, and reports you'd expect, PickHoops has exclusive features like the Risk Assessor. Using advanced modelling, we calculate the "riskiness" of your upset picks based on past tournament results of similarly seeded teams.

PickHoops boasts comprehensive "Best Result" scenarios that tell you who is still alive in the race for your group championship and what teams they should root for.
Contact us for details on how to customize and re-brand your PickHoops contest as your own, with your own logo at the top of each page.

2024 Pricing

# of bracketsPriceCustom
Upset risk
up to 25$9.95YesYesYesYes
up to 50$19.95YesYesYesYes
up to 100$29.95YesYesYesYes
up to 150$39.95YesYesYesYes
up to 200$49.95YesYesYesYes
up to 300$59.95YesYesYesYes
up to 400$69.95YesYesYesYes
up to 500$79.95YesYesYesYes
up to 600$89.95YesYesYesYes
up to 750$99.95YesYesYesYes
up to 1000$119.95YesYesYesYes
up to 1250$139.95YesYesYesYes
up to 1500$159.95YesYesYesYes
up to 1750$179.95YesYesYesYes
up to 2000$199.95YesYesYesYes
up to 2500$249.95YesYesYesYes
up to 3000$299.95YesYesYesYes
up to 3500$349.95YesYesYesYes
up to 4000$399.95YesYesYesYes
up to 4500$449.95YesYesYesYes
up to 5000$499.95YesYesYesYes

Contact us for information about larger groups (up to 250,000 brackets) or customized corporate games that can be embedded in your website.

You can upgrade your group after purchase, for the difference in price plus a $1 transaction fee.
All prices are in US dollars.

PickHoops accepts major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), checks, and Paypal.


You can purchase insurance for prizes such as $1 Million for a perfect bracket using Ace Hole-In-One. Please contact us or Ace for details.


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"The service you share by eliminating advertising, automating the pool enrollment process, and providing tabulation services is infinitely superior to any other option on the market."

"This is the third year I have worked with you and you do it better each time."

"I have used TurboTourney in the past and I find this much more user-friendly."

"We are extremely impressed on how quickly you update the standings after the games conclude. We also love the fact that later in the tournament you produce a grid that shows your best possible finish. These features make the site one of the best out there."

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