Men's National Championship
#1 Kansas 72
#8 North Carolina 69

9.3% picked the winner of this game
49 of 63 correct in best of 105381 brackets
Women's National Championship
#1 South Carolina 64
#2 Connecticut 49

27.1% picked the winner of this game
54 of 63 correct in best of 1200 brackets

Tournament Cancellation Policy

In the event that the NCAA cancels its tournament before the title game, group owners will be given the choice between a full refund and rolling over their group to the following year for free and with a free upgrade in size.

Refunds can be requested by email or by pressing a button on the group home page.

If a group owner takes no action, their group will be rolled over to the following year with a free size upgrade. The group owner can change their mind and request a full refund at any time before the following year tournament games begin.

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